Exchange 365 vs. Gmail: Which is best for your business?

Whether you work in a small- or medium-sized business (SMB), the top hosted email services available for use today are Microsoft's Exchange Online (a component of Office 365) and Google's Gmail (a component of the enterprise platform, G Suite). Both of these productivity suites are cloud-based, accessible from computers or mobile devices, and are priced similarly.

A guide to deploying a security operations center

High-speed internet, automation tools and other technology advancements have greatly improved business processes. The downside is that cybersecurity threats are getting more dangerous and more difficult to identify and subdue. Based on data from the 2018 Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study, a company would typically take 196 days to detect a data breach, and more than a month to mitigate it.

Differentiating the various types of data backup

For years, keeping your business data safe from man-made or natural disasters, corruption, and loss has been a top priority for IT support providers. While these professionals make the job look easy, implementing an effective and efficient set of backup operations for your small- or medium- business (SMB) can be challenging.

Actions to take if your computer has malware

The internet has evolved over the past two decades from a thing of novelty to an instrument most of us essentially rely on every day. It's changed how we learn, how we shop, socialize, communicate, and work. It's difficult to imagine life without it, considering how much the internet has become part of our daily lives.

Stay safe from ransomware with these tips

One day, an employee was working at his workstation when the screen went blank for a second, and this message appeared: “Your hard drive has been encrypted. You have 24 hours to pay $500 or your data will be destroyed.” What followed was a set of instructions to visit a specific website and pay the amount via an untraceable currency, accompanied by an ominous countdown.

The best times to insource and outsource your IT

As far as sourcing IT for your company is concerned, you may be thinking about hiring full-time staff and buying your own hardware and software. Or, you may be considering getting a managed services provider (MSP) instead. When your business grows and needs to build or expand its IT infrastructure, how will you know which solution is best?

Enterprises must carefully review the advantages and disadvantages of any available options so they can cut costs.

Leasing vs. purchasing computer hardware

Largely due to budget limitations, most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) consider renting computers from reputable vendors instead of purchasing them.

Operating a company with obsolete devices and simply using temporary patches can cost an enterprise money and time, especially with more of the workforce adapting a remote working lifestyle.

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