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Based in Kansas City, Complete Technology Services is an IT company specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses. We have developed a set best practices to ensure our clients achieve their goals through powerful and reliable technology. Our philosophies are rooted in providing the highest levels of service and satisfaction to our clients with a ‘Complete’ offering of hardware, software and IT service.

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What's the Life Expectancy of a Typical Office PC?

What's the Life Expectancy of a Typical Office PC?

Businesses of all sizes still rely heavily on personal computers to do work. In other words, despite the dominance of cloud computing and mobile devices, ...

Top Security Trends To Watch For in 2018

Top Security Trends To Watch For in 2018

With a record number of leaks, hacks, and breaches, 2017 proved to be the worst year for network security. Unfortunately, 2018 may usher in more of the ...

The New Adobe Cloud Platform

The New Adobe Cloud Platform

Adobe is practically a household name. Its applications like Photoshop, Acrobat, and Flash Player are used almost ubiquitously in home offices, agencies, ...